Zlatá Koruna – Třísov – Dívčí Kámen

Dívčí Kámen (Maiden’s Stone Castle) → 17.5 km, 1.5 hours ⋅ half-day or all-day trip ⋅ easy ⋅ refreshments/restaurants on route

Klášter Zlatá Koruna
Dívčí kámen

Visitors to the village of Zlatá Koruna will find a beautiful untouched landscape intersected by the valley of the clear Vltava River, which surrounds the village on three sides. The village’s own monastery is an enclosed building joined on the south-west side to a forecourt, also surrounded by a wall. The architectural focal point of the monastery is the convent church (a three-nave basilica with a transept). The ruins of Dívčí Kámen Castle are situated near the village of Třísov, 5 kilometres north of Zlatá Koruna. The castle stood on a high rocky hill, surrounded by the Vltava River and the Křemže stream, which flows into the Vltava beneath the castle. It is one of the largest and most well-preserved medieval castle ruins in the Czech Republic. The entire area around Dívčí Kámen has been declared a nature reserve. 

Points of interest

  • Zlatá Koruna – a historical part of the village with Gothic buildings including the layperson’s Church of St. Margaret and the remnants of fortifications
  • Zlatá Koruna Monastery – the monastery largely consists of medieval buildings (church, cloister, chapter hall, Chapel of the Guardian Angels, abbey) partially modified in the baroque style. The monastery is managed by the National Heritage Institute.
  • Celtic fortified settlement near Třísov – an oppidum built around the year 120 BC, with a settled area of around 26 hectares
  • Dívčí Kámen Castle – ruins of a Gothic castle, built between 1350 and 1360, ruined sometime after 1506
  • Open-air swimming pool in Holubov – a natural swimming pool/pond (1 ha) in the centre of Holubov with a grassy beach and a water slide, located just 3.8 km from Dívčí Kámen along cycle route No. 1157

Bike touring route

Český Krumlov → Dívčí Kámen 17.5 km

Český Krumlov to Dívčí Kámen is probably the most popular cycle route in the surroundings of Český Krumlov. You can start your trip from the Jelení zahrada car park and ride along the Vltava route 7, EV7, Greenway RD, which will take you as far as Zlatá Koruna (3). After visiting the Cistercian monastery, go back almost two kilometres along the Vltava route until you join cycle route No.1127; follow this route, which will take you through Plešovice and Třísov (4), until you reach the Dívčí Kámen Castle ruins. You can enjoy refreshments at the nearby Hamr Restaurant ,or stop for a bite to eat at the Na Letné pub (2) on the outskirts of Srnín on your way back to Český Krumlov.
Mapa cyklovýlet Z. Koruna - Dívčí kámen


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