Vyšný hills nature trail

hike ⋅ 6.7 km (circuit) ⋅ 2-3 hours ⋅ elevation difference 100 m ⋅ easy ⋅ suitable for children ⋅ asphalt, field/forest path ⋅ restaurants on route

Vyšenské kopce
Vyšenské kopce

You can set out directly from the centre of Český Krumlov on a pleasant walk, which will take you along a nature trail to the Vyšný Hills Nature Reserve. The 2,147-metre long nature trail designated for hikers starts in front of the building of the Blanský Forest branch of the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic in Vyšný, and ends on the north-western outskirts of Český Krumlov, not far from the Krumlov railway station. Restored in 2003, the path and its 15 stops will introduce you to both extraordinary natural wealth and to the history of human activity in the area. At the same time, you will learn about nature protection used in the care of the entrusted areas.

Attractions along the route

  • Lazebnický bridge – this bridge that connects the inner town and Latrán Street leading to the château, has appeared on the list of cultural landmarks since 1958
  • Red gate and the château courtyard – this double-leaf wooden gate with the carved emblem of the Schwarzenberg family is the main entrance to the château grounds
  • Graphite mine – the youngest graphite mine in the Czech Republic, it was founded in 1975. Tours are available by mine train
  • Children’s playground in Vyšný 
  • House No. 97 on Míru Avenue – the “Harvest” sgraffito from 1955 on the house’s façade is an example of socialist realism
  • Vyšehrad lookout point – a view of the town centre and the entire château complex
  • Luna Cinema – a successful example of preserved period architecture from the 1970s – a cinema and café
  • Budějovice gate – Latrán Street No. 104, the youngest and, at the same time, the only preserved town gate of the original nine built between 1598 and 1602 


From Náměstí Svornosti, set off across Lazebnický bridge and continue along Latrán Street to the first château courtyard. From there, walk to the Deer garden, where your path will meet the Polečnice River, which will accompany you to the Vyšný hills. Along the way, you will walk pass the ice arena and the swimming arena on the right, and a tennis centre on your left. If you then cross Chvalšinská Street, your steps will lead to a famous graphite mine. Crossing the Polečnice River again will take you to the road behind the graphite mine, leading through the town district of Dobrkovice. Continue along the road that hems the Polečnice River until turning right under the railway viaduct, where you will leave Dobrkovice.

As you enter the forests of the Vyšný hills, you will come to a marked nature trail, which begins at the base of the local branch of the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. At a nearby and, at the same time, almost the highest point of your route in Vyšný, you will find a children’s playground. From there, the path will begin to lead you back to the centre of Český Krumlov. You will pass by former barracks of the Army of the Czech Republic, through the Vyšný housing estate and the Nádražní předměstí town district to Vyšehrad Street. Here, you can admire the view of the historical town centre and château. The way back to the town will lead you downhill around a hairpin bend, past the local Luna Cinema and Café. As you pass through the Budějovice gate, you will find yourself back in the Latrán town district. 

Route: Náměstí Svornosti → Latrán → 1st courtyard → Jelení zahrada (Deer garden) → Chvalšinská Street → graphite mine → Dobrkovice → Vyšný → Nádražní předměstí → Vyšehrad → Luna Cinema → Budějovice gate → Latrán

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