Bike ride Horní Planá – Boletice – Kájov – Český Krumlov

combination of bike (→ 32.6 km) and train (→ 32 km) ⋅ all-day trip ⋅ easy ⋅ refreshments/restaurants on route ⋅ swimming

Rodný dům Adalberta Stiftera v Horní Plané


The trip combines a rest by the Lipno reservoir and a bike ride through the virgin countryside of a military training area.

The small town of Horní Planá is the largest municipality on the bank of the Lipno reservoir. It is a popular destination that offers visitors all kinds of comfort. The town and its surroundings offer a wide range of natural and historical attractions. Thanks to its location, the town is also an ideal place to spend an active holiday. Even after it was reduced in size in 2016, the Boletice training area is the third largest military training area in the Czech Republic. The village of Kájov, located 5 km from Český Krumlov, is primarily known as a Marian pilgrimage site, and is one of the oldest in Bohemia.

Points of interest

  • Horní Planá – the largest sand beach on the Lipno reservoir, cycle routes around Lipno, Aldabert Stifter’s birth house, the Church of St. Margaret on the square, and a lakeside lookout point approximately half a kilometre from Horní Planá at an altitude of 800 m above sea level 
  • Olšina – swimming in one of the highest situated ponds in the country, a fishing bastion with an exhibition, and a new 7.3 km nature trail
  • Boletice training area – the third largest training area in the Czech Republic
  • Boletice – the Church of St. Nicholas, a formerly Romanesque building probably dating from the mid-12th century
  • Kájov – a pilgrimage site consisting of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Chapel of the Death of the Virgin Mary, a parish office and a hospice

Bike touring route

Český Krumlov → Horní Planá 32,6 km

This trip begins in Český Krumlov, where you will set off by bike for Horní Planá. The route first leads to Kájov (2), where you can see the local church and adjoining pilgrimage site. From Kájov, head for the village of Boletice (3), then through the military training area of the same name along cycle route No. 1254 to Polná na Šumavě (4). When you come to Boletice, don’t miss the impressive Church of St. Nicholas. In Polná, take cycle route No. 1255, which will lead you to Olšina pond (5). Here, you can enjoy refreshments in a local recreational resort, visit a fishing bastion and take a walk along a nature trail. Continue along route 1255 to Hodňov, and from there along route No. 1254 to Horní Planá. You can take a well-earned rest and cool off on the largest sandy beach on the Lipno reservoir. You can return to Český Krumlov from Horní Planá by train (→ 32 km). Trains run every two hours until 8 p.m.

Mapa cyklovýlet do Horní Plané

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