Have fun on the river

Fun on the river attracts both kids and adults alike. Who could resist. Where else can you enjoy the beauty of the river and the sights on its banks all at once? Or experience an exciting tour of the city from a raft drifting down the river.

Water tourism

Vodáci na řece

Want to go down the Vltava River on a canoe, raft, paddle board or other vessel? No problem in Krumlov. A wide range of boat rentals and other necessary equipment allows all those interested in water tourism to take a carefree cruise on the Vltava River.

While navigating the Vltava, you will have countless unique views of the surrounding sights and, at the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of the local nature. The most popular section of the Vltava is arguably in Český Krumlov. The impressive scenery of the historical part of Český Krumlov, including views of ancient houses, the château and other landmarks, and especially the five Krumlov weirs, all add to one truly amazing boating experience.  Newly this year, you can also look forward to a new floodgate located under Barevná Skála (Colour Rock). A new rafting entrance has newly been opened in Rechle.

If you are new to water sports or would like to try rafting in one of the more modern ways and don't feel like heading straight for the river on your own, you can go on guided trips with an instructor, offered by local rental houses. They will first teach you all the necessary basics and then take you out on the river for an enjoyable ride.

Favourite water routes

  • Český Krumlov (round trip; 1.5 km; 30 minutes)
  • Vyšší Brod – Český Krumlov (35 km; 6-8 hours)
  • Rožmberk – Český Krumlov (25 km; 4-6 hours)
  • Zátoň – Český Krumlov (15 km; 2-4 hours)
  • Větřní – Český Krumlov (5 km; 1-2 hours)
  • Český Krumlov – Zlatá Koruna (15 km; 2-4 hours)
  • Český Krumlov – Boršov (33 km; 6-8 hours)
  • Zlatá Koruna – Boršov (21 km; 4-6 hours)

Over the water while staying dry

Take a cruise or raft down the water and enjoying the beauty of the river and the sights on its banks while staying dry! Views of romantic spots will be complemented by commentaries from your raftsmen guides in period clothing. If you’re up for an unconventional rafting experience, you can try a special sightseeing cruise after sunset, which will allow you to fully enjoy the night beauty of illuminated monuments reflected on the surface of the Vltava.

Krumlov canoe and kayak marathon

Lovers of water sports eager to prove their skills and compete with fellow water-lovers are welcome to participate in the Krumlov canoe and kayak marathon, the most popular marathon of its kind in the Czech Republic. Participants compete on kayaks, canoes, but also on rafts and barges. The event offers a rich programme for competitors, the general public and young visitors.

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