Castle sightseeing routes

Sightseeing route I.

I. trasa

Renaissance and Baroque apartments form the basic tour I. It focuses on a tour of the original castle interiors from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. It includes, among other things, the castle Chapel of St. George, the Eggenberg Hall with a "golden" carriage and the Masquerade Hall. More info >

  • open: April to October
  • length: 55 minutes
  • guided tour
  • start of tour: III. castle courtyard

Sightseeing route II.

II. trasa

Basic tour II. consists of apartments from the 1st and 2nd half of the 19th century, it reveals the history of the Schwarzenberg family. The route begins with a visit to the Schwarzenberg Portrait Gallery with paintings of members of the family from the ancestor Erkinger to the beginning of the 20th century and ends with a tour of the corridors of the Cloak Bridge. More info >

  • open: June to October
  • length: 55 minutes
  • guided tour
  • start of tour: III. castle courtyard

Baroque Theatre

Barokní divadlo

The Baroque Theatre at the castle in Český Krumlov represents an advanced Baroque scene. It is one of the best-preserved Baroque theatres in the world, in the collection of which there is a preserved original building, orchestra pit, stage, machinery, scenery, libretto, costumes, etc. Thanks to its sensitive reconstruction, the Baroque Theatre has become a unique, comprehensively preserved monument of a similar kind. More info >

  • open: May to October
  • length: 45 minutes
  • guided tour
  • start of tour: IV. castle courtyard

Castle museum and castle tower

hradní muzeum a věž

The exposition of the castle museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to see a number of valuable exhibits from the castle depositories. The ascent to the observation deck of the castle tower up 162 steps will reward visitors with a view of the city and the adjacent castle moat, which has been home to the Krumlov bears since time immemorial. More info >

  • open: January to December
  • length: unlimited
  • without a guide
  • start of tour: II. castle courtyard

Stable and saddlery


The exposition of the Prince's stable offers a unique collection of harnesses and historical means of transport preserved in the Schwarzenberg collections.

The most attractive artefact is the completely harnessed Schwarzenberg chariot used for the coronation of Empress Maria Theresa in Prague, pulled by a ceremoniously dressed team of six horses. Harnesses, including decorative velvet embroidered blankets, have even been preserved for harnessed horses. Another popular attraction are festive sleighs and other restored and preserved exhibits. More info >

  • open: July to August
  • length: unlimited
  • without a guide
  • start of tour: V. castle courtyard


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